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Carrier & Condition Information

Carrier & Condition Information

Most electronics offered on TechZilla.com are used products. All used gear undergoes extensive testing and is restored to factory default settings before being offered for sale. Everything is guaranteed to work properly.

Ready for Activation

All Phones, tablets and smartwatches are fully functional and have been restored to factory settings.

  • All phones have clean IMEI/ESN and are ready for activation with the specified carrier.
  • Tablets and smartwatches that are enabled for cellular service will have a clean IMEI/ESN and be ready for activation.
  • No contract required on any of our items.
  • Phones are guaranteed to activate on the listed carrier only. Some may be able to activate on other carriers but it is impossible to guarantee that in advance of purchase.

Cosmetic Grades

Everything we sell is inspected and tested and imperfections determine cosmetic grade.

Pre-owned in Great condition: This item shows little to no evidence of wear and tear due to usage. This item is without cracks, scratches, or noticeable wear. Items that are graded as excellent look like, or very nearly like brand new product.

Pre-owned in Good condition: This item shows minimal wear and tear due to light use. There may be small scratches on the housing and/or screen. This is still a pretty item with minor flaws. Add a cover and you'll never know it isn't perfect.

Pre-owned in Fair condition: This item shows evidence of wear and tear due to regular use. There may be light scratches or wear on the housing and/or screen.

Pre-owned in Rough condition: This item shows distinct evidence of wear and tear due to extensive use. There are scratches on the housing and/or the screen.

Items that are image burned or missing parts are offered for sale on our ebay store - Techzillaatx. Note product grades are a bit different on our ebay store so please read listings carefully.



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