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Apple's next product could be bigger than the iPhone!

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Even though the Apple iPhone sells quite well, Apple has reported a decline over the past 3 quarters.  In 2016 Apple saw the first decline in 15 years.  With that in mind, of course they are going to look to add something new and innovative to their lineup.

It has been rumored for some time now that Apple is looking to possibly get into the Virtual or Augmented reality field. With the rising popularity of Virtual Reality with successes such as Samsung Gear, Oculus, and Playstation VR, this would be a great start for Apple.  Apple's work on virtual and augmented reality dates back years, but really has picked up steam since 2015.  This is when news hit that Apple had a small team working on Augmented reality.  It is said that Apple now has hundreds of experts in the field working on the "secret project".  

So you are probably familiar with Virtual Reality by now, but what is Augmented Reality?  Imagine driving to the grocery store.  Turn by turn directions appear in front of you.  Gas prices are shown live time as you drive by gas stations.  Reviews can be seen of passing restaurants.  Once you are in the grocery store, simply looking at food can give you prices, competitive prices, reviews, etc.  This is exactly what augmented reality can provide.  It takes the real world and lets you interact in a way that was never previously possible!  This would be truly groundbreaking and a huge step for Apple.  

So when could something like this launch?   Apple still has both Virtual Reality headsets and Augmented Reality glasses in prototype stages.  This means it could be years before either of them see the light of day.  Like most companies, Apple creates products that never go on to be actual consumer products.  The product could be shelved or implemented much more simplistic if Apple feels it is  not the right market.  Rumors still suggest that "smart glasses" could be released as early as 2018 if Apple decides to move forward with the project.  

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